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What’s a Chitterling? Hit & Miss Southern Foods

Southern cookin’ has spread far beyond the confines of the lower states to kitchens around the globe. Nothing is as comforting as homemade mac and cheese or indulgent as Coca-Cola cake. But there are some foods only born-and-bred Southerners will eat, and even then they can be an acquired taste. (I’m looking at you, boiled peanuts.) Check out these Southern culinary hits and misses.


Hit: Hand-Rolled Biscuits

Unsplash / Jodie Morgan

For flaky, salty, crispy, soft goodness that melts in your mouth, look no further than the hand-rolled biscuit, a true Southern staple. The recipe could not be more simple, but the technique varies from baker to baker,  sometimes honed over generations as part of family lore. Slather them in gravy, dip them in a dippy egg, butter them up and add preserves, or fashion a handheld; it doesn’t matter how you eat them, only how fast and how many.


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