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The Best Cat Memes Ever Made

Here are 10 cat memes for premium procrastination

What do we do when we’re putting off being productive in any capacity? Look at hilarious cat memes, of course. Cats have been ruling social media since its inception. So have a look at some kitty cat memes deemed as the literary classics of internet slush. We know you don’t actually want to work anyway.

Little buddy

Cat Tree Giveaway

Check out this fluffy floof with his mini floof. Whoever his owner is, gets major props for taking the time and effort to stage this wholesome treat. And what about their poufs? They have premium matching poufs for lounging. Spoiled? Maybe, but I think I’d probably jump at the chance to live in this lap of luxury. This baby is living his best life and embracing his Lizzo goddess status. And I am here for it honey!


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