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Over The Top Junk Food

Who doesn’t love the occasional bite of good ol’ American junk food? Whether it’s sweet, salty, or sweet and salty, junk food comes in all types of flavors for all types of appetites. You can eat junk food for breakfast, lunch, and diiner. And within the junk food realm is another level of junk food heaven. Check out these amazing ways that restaurants pile on the junk.


Dunkin’ Donuts Glazed Donut Breakfast Sandwich

Fox News

The breakfast sandwich is a staple of any busy person’s morning fuel for the rest of the day. You get all of your favorite parts of breakfast all wrapped up in an easy-to-transport sandwich: protein, egg, and cheese, Dunkin’ Donuts decided to up their breakfast game with their take on this favorite of morning foodies. You’ll still find everything you love about the first meal of the day, but it’s served in between two slices of a glazed doughnut. It’s sinfully delicious and


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