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Pokemon Cards That Are Worth Way More Than You Think

Along with catching Pokemon via the mobile app, gamers and collectors around the world have been chasing down Pokemon cards for years. The Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG) was released over 20 years ago and still entertains gamers of all ages. As the first generation of Pokemon TCG players has grown up, so has the value on some of the cards they played so passionately decades ago. Read on to see if your old collection contains any of these valuable items.


Shadowless Venusaur


How many Pokemon fans knew a single card would be worth so much money someday? From the first edition cards released back in 1996, the Shadowless Venusaur now commands a whopping $7,499 price tag for a mint condition card. The Shadowless Venusaur allows you to take grass energy from one Pokemon and attach it to another. Of course, at this price you might want to reconsider playing this card at your local Pokemon tournament.


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