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The Most Expensive Tennis Shoes Ever Made

Shoe collectors love a good tennis shoe and they’re willing to spend the cash on those one-of-a-kind and unique finds that will be the highlight their personal collections. As demand for the best shoes skyrocket, so do the prices, whether it’s the latest NBA star’s signature shoe or a rare shoe found in storage. These 10 tennis shoes, however, are the ones that most collectors will never own. These are the most expensive tennis shoes ever made.


Air Jordan 11 Jeter

Sole Collector

Professional athletes around the world love the Air Jordan brand. From basketball to soccer, the lace up their Air Jordans both casually and professionally. To commemorate special occasions the company will release a limited edition tennis shoe, such as Derek Jeter’s retirement. The New York Yankee legend and sure-bet Hall of Famer left the game of baseball in 2017 and five pairs of Air Jordan 11s with Jeter’s famous number two on them were raffled off during the festivities. If you can find one of the pairs, it’ll set you back up to $50,000.


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