Nancy Pelosi Head-Scratchers

She probably means well. Maybe. It’s hard to tell sometimes with politicians. And let’s face it, the Speaker-of-the-House, Nancy Pelosi doesn’t exactly have a way with words. Maybe it’s age; maybe it’s a lifetime spent in San Francisco. Whatever the reason, over the years she’s offered up some real puzzlers. It’s like a game: see if you can work out just what she’s trying to tell us.


“It pays to have a nuclear bomb in your pocket.”

Unsplash / Varun Gaba

Last June, in the wake of President Trump’s summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, Pelosi offered up these words of wisdom. Her point seemed to be that a leader who has nuclear weapons is a tougher negotiator. One problem: doesn’t Trump have nukes in his pocket as well? So I’m not sure Un’s “pocket” nuke is such a deterrent. More importantly, though, doesn’t it just sound more like Speaker Pelosi is making a lame dick joke?


What do you think?

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