Foods To Avoid, For Real

Food is life. Whether you’re a gourmet chef or a Ramen aficionado, food brings people together in a way nothing else can. But while some food choices are easy—carrots are healthier than potato chips, too much white bread isn’t a good idea—other foods are more insidious. Read on to learn about the 10 worst foods to eat, and then at least the knowledge is in your hands.


Say no to sugar water


Soda, pop, Coke: whatever you call it, it’s no good for you. Not only is there a load of sugar in each and every serving, but soda drinking has also been linked to drastic changes in hormone levels, early aging, and an increased risk of cancer. Oh, also tooth decay, obesity, and nerve disorders.

Don’t think you’re getting out of the bad stuff by drinking diet… those artificial sweeteners can be just as terrible for you. Check out the next terrible food to know exactly why.


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