Hilariously Questionable Christmas Songs You’re Destined To Hear Each Year

Each year when Christmas time rolls around we all get into the festive spirit of peace on Earth. Ironically, part of the season tends to involve the blasting of a variety of Christmas songs with hilariously disturbing lyrics. Prepare for a light-hearted look at the truth behind some of the terrifying lyrics of Christmas songs you’ll undoubtedly hear this December.


“Baby, It’s Cold Outside”


Okay, so this holiday classic is rather catchy. So catchy, in fact, that we all ignore that its lyrics are basically the tale of one big wintery #metoo moment. We get it, the guy’s into the girl and uses the weather as an excuse to try and get her to stay. But you just can’t help but silently cringe every time she croons “Say, what’s in this drink?” And just when you hope she’s smart enough to take that as a cue to get a ride home, he follows it up with “No cabs to be had out there…” Oh boy.


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