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  • Salaries in the financial sector tend to be higher than average.
  • In some cities, housing costs can take a large chunk of your paycheck, even if you work in finance.
  • compiled a list of the best cities for finance workers based on job density and rent affordability.


Some of the highest-paying jobs for millennials are in the financial sector.

But just because you’re making good money as an accountant or financial adviser doesn’t mean you’ll be able to afford rent, particularly if you live in an expensive city.

The apartment-rental site recently set out to find the best cities for finance workers. It gathered 2015 data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics on the availability of jobs (employment per 1,000 jobs) and median annual salary for all business and finance positions listed by metro area. Abodo provided the data on median one-bedroom rent prices for each city.

To determine the ranking of metros, job density data was weighted 75% and rent-to-income ratio was weighted 25%.

Below, check out the best places to live in the US for finance workers.