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RFA: Absolutely. And it’s fair to say that when we first showed the concept, third-party publishers were excited at that point. You know, they saw what we saw, which was this is differentiated, this is compelling. This is going to add an audience to their marketplace. And certainly with FIFA, for example, from EA launching the same day, same date, as on other platforms, they made a commitment. Ubisoft, with their products. Bethesda and Take Two, which are companies that, certainly in recent memory, haven’t been on the Nintendo platforms. They see the opportunity and the potential. And there’s a lot of opportunity and excitement, both with the big third-party publishers, as well as the small independent developers to get on board.

FC: When I started using mine I was impressed by all the indie games and I wasn’t sure if that’s because there were more of them than usual or there’s just a little less noise and it was easier for them to pop out. Do you expect it to be a good indie platform?

RFA: It will continue to be a good indie platform. I think the reason the great indie content came was because we made the decision early to have [major game engines] Unity and Unreal Engine support for the system. So that enabled the independent developer to have an easier pathway to develop for the platform, and that’s enabled them to bring the content. I think the other piece that they see is that we give them a lot of support. Support in terms of the news feature on Nintendo Switch, and we highlight a lot of the independent games there. Our strategic communications group gives them a lot of support. You know, things like PAX [Penny Arcade Expo]. We feature the indie content exclusively. And so they’ve been able to break through and to be noticed on our platform, maybe more effectively than on some other platforms.

Nintendo Switch [Photo: courtesy of Nintendo]

“We’re Going To Continue To Build Out The Infrastructure”

FC: When we did our Switch review, we said lots of nice things, but we also said that there’s things it doesn’t have yet, like the Virtual Console, and there’s no entertainment beyond gaming. There’s some online stuff it doesn’t have yet, too. Is the experience going to get richer as time goes on?

RFA: Absolutely. Let me address those in reverse order. We just did a network update that continues to give additional features. Now it’s easier to transfer content from one Switch to another, and so we’re going to continue to build out the infrastructure for the system just to make it easier and easier for our consumers to utilize.

In terms of other entertainment, we were clear, at launch, that we wanted this to be a gaming device and to deliver on that proposition, but we also said that VOD [Video on Demand] services would come in due time. And they will.

Nintendo’s New World, From The Switch To Phone Games To Theme Parks – Fast Company

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