Here’s What America Makes Of Monday’s Indictments – HuffPost

A closer look at the methodology ― Steven Shepard: “Not all surveys are conducted the same way, with variations in how questions are asked accounting for the large range of possible results in Virginia. For decades, pollsters randomly dialed phone numbers to achieve probability sampling: the principle that every person has an equal chance of being selected to participate in the survey. As state election authorities and political parties became more sophisticated, however, campaign polling consultants began to call only those on the voter rolls — and, later, only those voters who regularly participated in elections. In recent years, more public pollsters have embraced this private technique. Now, with a week until Virginians go to the polls — and with pollsters eager to rebuild their standing after mistaken predictions in the presidential election last year — the majority of public surveys in the governor’s race are conducted this way. The public polling conducted using lists of registered voters, a method that proponents say is much more consistent, suggests Northam is the slight favorite.” [Politico]

Here’s What America Makes Of Monday’s Indictments – HuffPost

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