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Chiefs 7, Broncos 0 Jamaal Charles had a nice start in his first game back in KC, ripping off 22 yards on two carries. Unfortunately, he got the ball ripped out on his third carry and Marcus Peters scooped and scored for the 49-yard touchdown.

The Chiefs also punted on their first possession as Kareem Hunt struggled finding holes against the Broncos’ front seven.

The Broncos’ offensive struggles continued early on, going three-and-out on the opening drive. Tyreek Hill had a huge punt return called back by holding.

We’re getting close to put-up-or-shut-up time in the AFC West. The Kansas City Chiefs and Denver Broncos are both in the middle of a two-game skid and are looking to get back on track when they meet in Arrowhead Stadium at 8:30 p.m. on ESPN (live stream at WatchESPN). This game also features the return of Jamaal Charles to Kansas City, now playing for the Broncos after the Chiefs cut him in the preseason.

When all is said and done, one of these teams will have a three-game losing streak. It’s as close to a must-win game as you can get at the end of October, which makes this one of the most fascinating matchups of Week 8.

The Chiefs started off the season 5-0 and looked like one of the best teams in football, but the past couple weeks haven’t been so kind. Their offense stalled in a 19-13 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers, and the defense collapsed last week when the Oakland Raiders came back to win, 31-30.

For the most part, the Chiefs are still in good shape at 5-2, leading the division entering Week 8. But their margin for error got a lot thinner after the two losses, and they can ill afford any more setbacks against the Broncos, whose defense is sure to give Alex Smith and Kareem Hunt fits.

The Broncos are also riding a two-game losing streak, sitting at 3-3 and in the middle of an offensive crisis. Last week they got blanked by the Los Angeles Chargers, 21-0, with Trevor Siemian throwing for just 207 yards and tossing an interception.

Siemian has been particularly rough during this losing stretch, throwing three interceptions to just one touchdown in the past two games. Losing Emmanuel Sanders to a knee injury hasn’t helped, but the Broncos’ offense is once again shaping up as the team’s biggest Achilles heel. They haven’t scored 20 points in a game since Week 2, and if things don’t improve on that side of the ball, Denver could find itself outside the playoff picture once again.

  • It’s too early for the Chiefs to panic, despite this recent skid.

As long as the offense continues to roast opponents, the Chiefs will always be in good shape to win games. And the return of players like outside linebacker Tamba Hali and defensive back Steven Nelson will boslter the team’s chances.

It also helps that the final nine teams on the Chiefs’ schedule have a combined 23-27 record.

  • Chiefs legend Jamaal Charles is now playing for the enemy. Is it right for KC fans to boo him?

If you do boo him, I won’t be upset. I try not to overthink this. This is sports. When rivals come onto the field, they get booed. You don’t have to go into how beloved Jamaal was or the records he set in Kansas City … when you come to Arrowhead as a rival, you get booed. Fair enough.

But I won’t boo him (if I were in the stands — I’ll be in the press box like a wimp). He is not a traitor. He was CUT by the Chiefs, he didn’t leave on his own. I have a hard time believing he had a ton of options outside of Denver considering there was little interest in him for months. He did not leave in his prime for more money someplace else and leave the Chiefs hanging. He is not a traitor or an all-time sports villain in Kansas City. It’s not like that.

  • Despite Siemian’s recent struggles, the Chiefs’ man coverage defense could be a good matchup for him.

It is true that Siemian has a limited ability to read NFL defenses, especially under specific zone concepts. However, against man-to-man coverages Siemian has excelled and put up his biggest games in his career.

Take one guess what scheme the Chiefs run nearly 2/3’s of the time?

That’s right. Man coverage

  • Putting pressure on Alex Smith should be the top priority for the Broncos’ defense.

Pressure Alex Smith. Make him uncomfortable and make him move around in the pocket so he doesn’t get in a rhythm. The Broncos can do this better than most teams because their cornerbacks are so good so that’s definitely a concern for me. The other thing is not falling for the misdirection. The Chiefs have benefited from blown coverages on defense and Andy Reid will try to trick you with the motions and players running through the backfield. He’ll make sure you’re paying attention. If you fall for that stuff or give up what you’re doing on defense, the Chiefs will take advantage. I would also stop Kareem Hunt, Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill while you’re at it.

Broncos vs. Chiefs 2017 live results: Scores and highlights from ‘Monday Night Football’ – SB Nation

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